CAROLINA la poltroncina Freetime with no worries

‘Carolina la poltroncina’ is the baby chair for babies over the age of 4 months that correctly supports your infant without the risk of overturning. On the floor, on the table, on the beach or in the garden, it allows children in their first few months to move and play safely and independently, and gives the parents, time, space and peace of mind.

Carolina is: Make life easier

  • Light
    Carolina is as light as a feather and is so versatile – you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • Practical
    Don’t worry about getting messy: the liner can be washed by hand or in the washing machine.
  • Stable
    The centre of gravity and broad armrests means it doesn’t overturn, while the leg separator and backrest ensure comfort and safety.
  • Soft
    Carolina is as soft and cosy as a mother’s embrace. It’s the warmest embrace after yours.
  • Fun
    The strap restrains but doesn’t constrict, giving your child the freedom to discover the world safely.
  • Engaging
    It meets your daily needs, including the child in family life and helping him or her develop autonomy.

It all started in 1996 The story behind carolina

A block of foam. A little girl only a few months old who was not able to sit up properly. An idea! Today that little girl has grown up and become a young woman and the foam prototype has become the Carolina baby chair.

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